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Introducing our resident
craft maker, Sarah

When and why did you start making handmade necklaces?

I saw my mummy’s necklaces and started researching. I wanted to earn money to donate to SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Singapore).

Why are you donating the bulk of the proceeds to SPCA? 

I love animals and I saw on CNA that SPCA is facing financial problems now because of Covid-19. They have no money to build more spaces to take in animals. They have not enough money for medicine and blood tests for animals that are sick, and they need to pick who they can send for blood tests.

What do you think about supporting women and children in Cambodia? 

With more money going towards them, they can afford more things in life like school and food. 

What is important to you? 

It is important that whatever I do is something that I like, and that I think is meaningful. 

Complete the sentence, “Did you know ...”

Did you know that I am mum to a Holland lop bunny, sister to a Shih Tzu dog and friends/fans of the many ponies and horses at the stable where I go for horse-riding lessons? I will love to adopt a Munchkin cat next!

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